As we all know India is very rich in art and culture, known for its arts and architecture. Hence handicraft and handlooms of India has good demand across the world. There are many ways to get this art forms whether it is a handicraft or handloom.  But,  still there are some places in India which are not accessible by other part of the country which is very rich in their art forms.

The local traders purchases this craft from the poor artisan in very low prices and sell them to wholesalers, retailers and to other big brands on very high margins. The local traders earns good amount of money, but the poor artisans which are the producers and creators are not getting worth of their own creations as a result they are helpless and going away from the art form.

“Handloom Studio” has taken a pledge to spread the lost art forms and give it a good marketplace, so that the artisan will get the encouragement and also the worth of their creations for which they are entitled. Handloom Studio will be a online platform or you can say the eCommerce platform to sell their handicraft and hand-loom directly to the buyers. and also through the stores of Handloom Studio in different cities of India.

The handicartf and handloom arts of India will also we exported by us, Indian tradition, handicraft and handlooms has better appreciation in foreign countries rather in India. This appreciation will encourage the artisans to keep the art form living which would make India more rich in tradition.

Handloom Studio will always be their to spread the art forms of India in every manner. soon you can visit our website and can know about the various art form through our channel, time to time we also we will also introduce with the various art form through this blog.

follow us and let us help you to know the art and culture of India.


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